Thursday, July 11, 2013


When you look at this picture of Lady Justice the first thing you notice is that she is blindfolded in my opinion I feel like the blindfold must come off because the justice system has failed time and time again because of its bias its refusal to look at the victims of the senseless crimes Caylee Anthony Trayvon Martin just to name a few do you think if Lady Justice was a real person and not just a symbol of our justice system that she would be able to take off her blindfolded look these dead children in the face because justice has failed them by letting the people that have murdered them and wrong them walk freely one to make a million dollar movie deal and to live her life as if she did not commit a crime and the other to possibly walk free after shooting at unarmed boy people say justice is blind for the first time in my entire life I truly believe so and this is not a color thing this is not a black or white thing this is why motherfuckers are killing our children and we do nothing about it that's how I feel tell me what you think


  1. Trayvon wasn't a child. He was a grown adult, and GZ thought he was a criminal. There is no wrong in neither of them. The "Justice system" is just as bad as the media who feeds people what they want to hear, to spark a race war or to eat whatever they hear from them. That's my opinion, I think the media nudges the justice system for stupid things like hoodies or skittles. that is irrelevant but they will never ever admit GZ was not looking to kill an innocent person just for fun or something, he was really convinced he saw a criminal, But that's just one thing, The police need to be knocked down a peg too. They abuse their power way too much, and arrest people for dumb reasons. Look at all those innocent people getting beaten in front of their families just for talking back. Its ridiculous and that's my opinion on our justice system.

  2. to be real it is bull shit and yes I said bull shit....the 911 call should have been a red flag....smh we do not live in a free world we are in prisoned byh our own minds thoughts fear and they grow bigger every day when shit like dis happens...we are to have faith in our system....they sit and wounder why we loss our faith cuz they show us that they run us in one way or the other....and if we our selfs do not raise up and be heard there it is all in vain....cuz no one is listen to us pled for our freedom that we no long heart and soul is filled with sadness cuz of this....people thinkin there can do as they plz make me sick....he had no damn right to cute that boys life short who know what he could have for zinnerman that boy is a walkin dead....some one some where will take his life....the sad part it may be the one who id deads fam who dose it...and they will spend there life behind bars where he should be....hell he might be safer there to tell u the truth.....system is a joke nothing but a big damn joke.....any ways mr ace one ya java